Courage is considered to be a virtue in a soldier but an Indian soldier proved that kindness too is a virtue for our army men. Posted in Jammu and Kashmir (J&K), recently, this soldier took upon himself to help the residents of Gurez — a place which is situated near the Line of Control separating India and Pakistan.

The officer called up Saajan Abrol, a resident of Gurgaon who runs the NGO, Clothes Box Foundation, and asked them to help gather clothes for donation, that would be distributed among the residents of Kandipore district in Gurez.

“Three weeks back, I got a call from an unknown number from the LoC. The guy calling was a colonel from the Indian Armed Forces. He was seeking help for the people who stay in a place called Dawar, a block in Gurez, J&K. This place is cut off from India for 8 months due to heavy snow and people who live there and earn merely 100 Rupees a day. He sought help with warm clothing for people who live there,” reads the Instagram post of Abrol who started his NGO along with a friend Naman Ahluwaliya in February 2014.

Abrol has sent the first lot of 15,000 clothes, and is planning to send at least three more lots in total. “We have our pickup service across India and people also drop clothes in our warehouses. This is an opportunity for us to help the needy and also we are elated to partner with the Indian Army,” says Abrol.

Army and Border Security Force units situated in the area will be distributing the clothes among residents, but the team can’t visit the place due to security reasons. “Right now, due to the disturbances in Kashmir, we can’t visit the place but we will once the situation will be under control, we will go. We have also promised to send clothes for 20,000 people at our own expenses,” he adds.

The officer behind this noble move could not speak to the media because of protocol, but promised to share the distribution videos after the drive.

About Gurez

The place is nestled among high mountains and with Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK) on three sides. It is connected to the rest of India from only one side only. Army and Border Security Force units situated at the LoC have to stock their ration and other essential items well in advance before the weather shuts down the only road link which passes through high passes.