Pakistan on Tuesday released 63 Indian fisherman with their seven boats after Indian Coast Guard (ICG) and Navy saved lives of two Pakistani commandos and handed them over to Pakistani authorities.

According to a report in Times of India, a Pakistani boat carrying six Pak marine commandos, collided with one of the Indian fishing boats, Mahenoor, near Jakhau coast on Sunday night.

The Pakistani boat capsized in this accident, but the Indian sailors rescued two commandos while ICG ship ‘Arinjay’ recovered bodies of three others who had drowned.

The incident took place around 10 nautical miles on the Indian side of the international maritime boundary line (IMBL).

The ICG and Navy handed over the two rescued commandos and bodies of three others to the Pakistani authorities.

Reciprocating the gesture of goodwill, Pakistan Marine Security Agency (PMSA) released 63 Indian fishermen with their seven boats.

Quoting its sources, the TOI report said that a fleet of PMSA boats had reportedly rushed into Indian waters, when seven Indian boats were busy fishing about 70 nautical miles from Jhakhau coast.

The PMSA boats rounded up Indian boats and escorted them towards Karachi coast. However, one of the Indian boats broke down and collided with one of the small fast boats of PMSA which was carrying six Pak marine commandos.

The PMSA boat capsized but two of its commandos were saved by ICG and Indian Navy.

According to the TOI report, ICG has also issued an alert to Gujarat marine police regarding the Pakistani marine who went missing after this accident.