The Indian army once again came to the rescue of people affected by flood in Jammu and Kashmir on Thursday. The army officers conducted the rescue operations aggressively helping people who were affected by flood-like situation caused by heavy rainfall.

Even though army continues to share a tense relation with the people of Jammu and Kashmir due to continuous stone pelting incidents, it was on guard to wade into freezing water and help people in the city of Srinagar.

Heavy rainfall in Srinagar had led to a flood-like situation in the city causing panic among people as the water level kept rising. In some places, the water reached about ankle-height affecting the normal life. Many residential houses and schools were also damaged by the incident. Because of heavy water flow over the roads, traffic has also been halted by the concerned authorities.

Dal Lake is one of the precious heritages of Kashmir valley and attracts lakhs of tourist from across the world. The Municipal authorities had started the work on the restoration of parapet walls that surrounds the scenic Dal Lake and were damaged after the flood.

“The tourism industry has again picked up after the disaster as tourists from across the world have started visiting the valley. The damaged parapet walls of the Dal Lake are making it difficult for tourists to enjoy the beauty as the walls made for sitting purpose can break anytime. The Dal Lake, often referred to as ‘Srinagar jewel’, is visited by millions of tourists every year and it brings in huge profits for the boats rowers, famed houseboats and hotels around the lake. Kashmir is considered as one of the best tourism destinations in the country with the hospitality of the valley well-known that adds to the popularity of the tourism sector,” said Site Engineer, Nayeem Ahmad.