Exactly 24 hours after India broke a world record with the successful deployment of 104 satellites on February 15, 2017, an international aerospace organisation, Sky and Space Global, firmed up a deal with the US department of defence relating to the launch of three of its nano satellites by Isro later this year.

The pact with the US department of defence, signed on February 16, 2017, takes into account India’s success, adding that Sky and Space Global’s nano satellites “are confirmed aboard the next PSLV (Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle) launch”.

The understanding with the US department of defence focuses on the safe operation of Sky and Space Global nano satellites.

The agreement will be facilitated through the US Strategic Command Joint Space Operations Centre, according to a recent announcement by Sky and Space. The Israeli satellite, which was part of the 104 satellites launched on February 15 by Isro, belonged to Sky and Space. Its CEO, Meir Moalem, has been quoted as saying: “The successful launch (of 104 satellites) is very encouraging for Sky and Space and validates our choice of the launch partner (Isro).”

The three nano satellites which Sky and Space will launch using the PSLV, are part of a 200-satellite constellation, which it hopes to operationalize by mid-2018.

TOI has learnt that the record-breaking mission has encouraged many foreign countries to knock at Isro’s door to launch their satellites.